We utilize ASCTrac® WMS in our 3PL operations for some very large corporations in the automotive world. It is the cornerstone of our technology that helps us achieve the just-in-time delivers with 100% accuracy that our customers require. Leveraging ASCTrac's technology is what gives us our advantage.

Jay F., ASCTrac® 3PL client

We increased receiving productivity by 25%, increased inventory accuracy to 99.9%, and provided better resource planning for our managers. We also increased our ability to handle inbound containers for better inventory planning.

Bob C., ASCTrac® customer

By replacing our old system with ASC's ASCTrac® solution, we increased our receiving capacity by 25%, increased our inventory accuracy to 99.99%, increased our lot tracking accuracy to 100%, and have complete visibility of our shipments for FDA reporting.

Oscar J., ASC Customer

We saved as much as 35% on our labor costs by using the fully integrated shipping solution from ASC. We also increased the accuracy of all of our customer orders to over 99.9% which makes our customers happy.

Tony H., ASCTrac® Customer

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