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Cloud Deployments in Mission-Critical Operations

In the past several days, I have received emails from some of our external service providers advising us of “potential” cloud server interruptions. Some marketing operations of our business were not working, and we internally knew this as we could not access some of our cloud-based marketing data. The funny part is that those providers…
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Advantages for the Future State of American Manufacturing

By being active in the manufacturing industry for about forty years, I have seen and experienced many things first-hand in the field, I have taught many things in college- level classes, and I have done my own research for many key-note speaking engagements over the years. A really good thing about doing all that late-night…
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Competitive Advantages in the Supply Chain

Competitive Advantages in the Supply Chain Several years ago, I needed a pharmaceutical industry client reference for my sales team and we had a very happy client that I thought would be a great reference. So, I called her and asked her if she would be a reference for us.  The first response from her…
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Welcome to ASC Software’s blog

We know you have questions and challenges in your business, and we have the answers and solutions: so why not have a conversation? Maybe a blog seems like we’re doing all the talking, but what you are really reading here are summaries of years of conversations with our customers: the condensed version of what works…
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