Automating Shop Floor Manufacturing Operations

Take control of your shop floor operations

To manufacture goods today, you have to track and manage all of your manufacturing resources to stay competitive. These resources could include raw materials (components), finished goods, quality control processes, and labor (or labor teams.) In some cases, the challenge is not just a competitive situation, but a mission critical operation. The management team needs information in a real time mode to plan for all events.

Tracking and managing these resources, as well as forecasting and scheduling resources, can be a daunting task in a dynamic manufacturing environment. However, successful manufacturing companies do track and manage all of their resources to determine exact costs of raw materials and labor, to insure their manufacturing processes are working properly, and to reduce scrap costs. The ultimate goal is to reduce costs and to manufacture a quality-built product that is competitively priced. Other important goals would be to meet or exceed any compliance standards and be able to prove it.

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Successful Manufacturing Using ASCTrac® Shop Floor Module

At the operations level, successful companies must be able to track and instantly report lot and serial numbers (both for components and finished goods), track actual labor consumption (and total paid time), support multiple plant sites, perform required QC checks, and do this without adding extensive manual processes or overhead. In some cases, they must also be able to support traceability and compliance standards as directed by regulatory agencies (such as FDA, NDC, DEA, etc.)
Shop floor scheduling by machine or multi-routing of machines to match capacities or line constraints can be done using our visual scheduler. Planners can drag-and-drop "what-if" scenarios for planning production runs per line, and if they like the proposed change, click one time to create the plan.

At the manufacturing work cell level, these processes must be repeatable and propagated throughout all of the work cells in a multi-plant or distributed global environment. Global companies may even have off-site manufacturers to provide a special function (or entire assembly process) and need to track the goods through that step. And most importantly, they need to manufacture using excellent manufacturing standards.

Who Uses The ASCTrac® Shop Floor Solutions?

ASC's ASCTrac® Shop Floor Module is used by successful companies to manage resource and component traceability, schedule production lines and work cells, schedule to machine capacities, manage detailed quality controls and testing, and all of these operations are visible in real-time on a global scale.

Typical manufacturing industries using the ASCTrac® Shop Floor Module are manufacturers of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals (including narcotics and controlled substances), medical devices, consumer packaged goods, electronics, and the automotive industry.

One of our unique features is that our solution is designed for both process and discrete manufacturing, and these can be intermixed depending upon the item or sub-assembly setup. Therefore, fluid product manufacturers could also do mixed-mode manufacturing and support silos of liquid components.

Just a Few of the ASCTrac® Shop Floor Module Features:

  • Supports both discrete and process types for work cell manufacturing
  • Fully integrated with the ASCTrac® WMS distribution and manufacturing system
  • Ideal shop floor solution for pharma, medical devices, food and beverage, automotive, etc.
  • Detailed tracking of lots, serial numbers, and expiration dates for very important traceability
  • Trace warranty and repairs history for the complete life cycle of serialized products (both components and finished goods)
  • Create shop floor routings combined with Bill of Materials and by "active" revision.
  • Flexible deployment options - PC, tablet, mobile device, or industrial shop floor terminals
  • Fully integrated auto-ID technologies for verification

Just a Few of the ASCTrac® Shop Floor Module Benefits:

  • Track the actual components and component lots consumed per each work cell (pharma grade)for exact batch costing
  • Supports lean accounting methods for process manufacturers
  • Track finished goods lot traceability (pharma grade) with instant FDA type reports
  • Track serial numbered components to finished serial numbered devices with life-time history(such as medical devices)
  • Multipath work cells on production lines are supported
  • Track actual labor costs, scrap costs, and total run times per work cell
  • View all site operations real-time and use visual schedulers with capacity constraints
  • Built-in Quality Control processes that you define combined with QC Hold rules by item
  • Eliminate the manual processes of data entry into forms or other manual processes
  • ASC has years of experience in shop floor manufacturing to assist you
  • Flexible deployment types
  • Fully integrated auto-ID technologies to verify items including mobile devices
  • Fully audited transactions, and fully reportable via user-defined reports for proof of execution
  • Off-site production work cells are supported
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