Embedded EDI Solutions


The seamless communication solution that puts trading partners on the same page, faster. Totally seamless, totally embedded, and totally automated.

When you need to automate your supply chain to work in collaboration with your trading partners, ASC has the most cost-effective solution available. We make it easy to set up and maintain EDI in your warehouse or manufacturing operation—so you can quickly get up to speed. It's minimum effort that leads to maximum efficiency.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the solution that lets you orchestrate shipments, receipts, inventory, purchases, invoices, transportation—all of the parts in your supply chain that need to be in constant communication to make the whole operation successful. And its not just data interchange—these are fully-integrated, engineered workflow processes, highly configurable for every one of your trading partners.

With advanced features like directed workflow, automated Advanced Ship Notice (ASN), and 3PL "customer rules" for seamless fee processing, EDI gives you the timely, accurate communication of information that's critical to successful collaboration in a fast and ever-changing supply chain.


Just a Few of the Benefits of the ASC Embedded EDI Solutions:

  • Fully automated and integrated within the ASCTrac® Suite of solutions (WMS, Manufacturing, B2B, 3PL)
  • Automated and validated transactions for accurate real-time shipment information
  • Automated transactions mean increased productivity
  • Start using EDI immediately, hundreds of trading partner templates available
  • Meet your trading partners' compliance requirements for EDI
  • Eliminate the manual processes of data entry into web forms or other paper processes
  • Eliminate double data entry processes by streamlining all supply chain transactions
  • ASC has years of experience in EDI to assist you
  • Flexible deployment types to best suit your needs
  • Fully integrated GS1 compliance labels (design, generate, and read functions)
  • Fully audited transactions
  • Cost effective, with an excellent ROI
  • Can be deployed in multiple ways: enterprise based, single-site based, cloud based, or mixed combinations to meet your needs
  • New transaction sets to support the US federal law for "Drug Quality and Security Act" ("DQSA", effective 1-1-2015) and supports ePedigree for track and trace rules
  • Options for FULL EDI transaction sets, or just ASN's

EDI Communications Partners and Interfaces

You may already have an existing EDI communications server partner, and you can connect in most cases immediately to these partners with our "purpose built" connectors. Or, you can customize any ASC EDI export to suit any external partner. Some other partner examples are: BSI, Edict, Data Masons, SPS Commerce, Sterling, eBridge, Red Tail, True Commerce, and others.

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