Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES/MRP)

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Build it better, make it faster with configurable manufacturing software solutions from ASC.

With the right tools at your disposal, possibility emerges. In manufacturing, that means a whole world of opportunity opens up, where yes becomes the answer to every question concerning what you can make or do in your operation.

ASC's Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES/MRP) gives you the capability to meet all of your manufacturing requirements. From full lot and serial number traceability, exceeding FDA and pharmaceutical standards, to catching errors before they happen at the point of activity, your operation runs smoother and more efficient than ever.

Actual lot costing per manufactured lot/batch/serial number and proof of all QC actions, along with precise inventory and labor costing gives you true lean manufacturing in your operations. You will see a complete and accurate picture of your manufacturing enterprise for better, faster, easier decision-making.

Whether you build-to-order or build-to-stock or a mixture of both, ASC has carefully designed and developed manufacturing software with fully integrated modules for discrete and process manufacturing operations. Designed for easy set-up, you can visually review and plan all of your manufacturing lines with manufacturing constraints and orchestrate your entire manufacturing enterprise.


Just a Few of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Features:

  • Master Production visual planning/scheduling tools allow you to easily PLAN manufacturing runs and auto-generate user-configured Work Orders or auto-generate Purchase Orders.
  • Operate and manage everything from the manufacturing shop floor – not from a desk! Every process operates on a mobile platform for both managers and operators. This provides real-time absolute 100% validation and 100% error proofed transactions.
  • Visual manufacturing set-ups allow easy bill-of-materials (BOM) and kit or assembly configurations (including revisions.)
  • Combining the views to all of your Purchase Orders and Customer Orders, you have full ability to do Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) seamlessly with our MRP Module.
  • Combine with our Demand Planning and Forecasting Module for even better visual planning to see your Enterprise supply chain demand – excellent for distribution and manufacturing planning.
  • The Shop Floor Module allows you to track exact components, lots, and labor usage by Work Cell (or machine) combined with our visual planning/scheduling tools for work cell constraints and production line performance.
  • Well proven solution used in many Fortune 500 companies and some of the world's largest food and pharma manufacturing operations.
  • Modules can be deployed in a global-distributed manufacturing environment with external subcontractor visibility.
  • Designed for any industry, especially food and beverage, pharmaceutical (including narcotics controlled items), medical devices, consumer packaged goods, paper products, and automotive items.
  • Direct Interfaces to production machines (PLC’s), Kanban items, silos, testers, etc.
  • Built-in pharma-grade Quality Control processes (QC) that you configure by item or item type, and a complete history of all quality inspections, samples, certifications, approval signatures, etc. Immediate history for all lots - both finished and components, on-demand.
  • Full traceability to a pharmaceutical level ensures you have instant FDA information when needed.
  • Lean accounting principles include advanced automated back-flushing and exact consumption (or calculations including shrinkage) per each batch/lot.
  • Easy to set up multi-level assembly with visual review all of the component levels with labor steps, seamlessly attached to the item attributes and all required manufacturing attributes for your products (Shop Floor Module.)
  • You can track precise component costs plus labor costs for all manufacturing work orders to get an exact cost per each work order lot, batch, or serial number. Adding in shrinkage, scraps and rejects, you get the required accuracy in costing that you need to determine profit levels for each production run.
  • Exact costing is traceable to each Customer Order and each line item on that order (especially useful for build-to-order amd Margin Costing.
  • You get a clear GLOBAL picture of the products being produced on every production line, the dates at which products will be available, the dates that components will be required for production, lead times, seamless EDI and ASN capabilities, seamless to the financial accounting system, and many other features.
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